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OhioGuidestone dba
Family Nurturing Center of Ohio

Mission Statement
At OhioGuidestone, our mission is to provide pathways for growth, achievement and lifelong success.

About Us
We’re OhioGuidestone – built on a solid foundation of experience and expertise, rooted in faith and a legacy of serving children and families. Our range of flexible, customized programs build upon one another so they address every aspect of a person’s needs. We’re a solutions-focused organization with passionate people committed to providing direction and inspiration to children, families and communities to help them become stronger...
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Berea, Ohio

Vice President and
Chief Clinical Officer:

Benjamin Kearney, Ph.D.


Jane Wood



Parent Child Center of Tulsa dba
Family Nurturing Center of Tulsa


Mission Statement
To prevent child abuse and neglect through education, treatment and advocacy.

We work to
PREVENT abuse and neglect through parent, child and community education.
PROTECT children at risk through family safety & support services.
HEAL the harmed through parent & child treatment.

The Parent Child Center provides a wide array of services focused on... Read More

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Executive Director
Kristine D. Bridges

National Trainer/Consultants
Kim Thomas Haar

Carol Sartin


Family Nurturing Center of Texas
PRAXIS with integrity Consulting

Mission Statement
PRAXIS with integrity Consulting supports learning in the lived experiences and encourages growth throughout an individuals interactions with others. Action and reflection equals healthy growth during an individual’s life.

Praxis is a Greek word meaning practice.

It is used to signify that spiritual truth can only be fully learned as a form of wisdom, through experience, which engages the totality of our being; body, soul... Read More

Austin, Texas

Sonya M. Thorn, LCSW, Ph.D.


Sonya M. Thorn, LCSW, Ph.D. 512.757.0087  

Natalie Beck


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