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Prenatal Families • ABC's for Parents & Their Children 5 to 8 • Parents & Their Children with Special Needs & Health Challenges • Community Based Education (CBE) in Nurturing Parenting • CBE for Military Families • CBE - Alcohol & Kids Don't Mix • CBE - Alcohol, Anger & Abuse • CBE - Teen Pregnancy Prevention • Developing Nurturing Skills (DNS): School-Based Program 


Nurturing Skills for Families • Nurturing Skills for Teen Parents • Nurturing America's Military Families • Nurturing Fathers • Nurturing God's Way • Family Nurturing Camp

Parents & Their Infants, Toddlers & Preschoolers - 16 Sessions • Parents & Their School-Age Children 5-11 Years • Young Parents & Their Families - 16 Sessions • Parents & Adolescents • Hmong Parents & Adolescents • Families in Substance Abuse Treatment & Recovery • It's All About Being a Teen

Teen Parents & Their Children • Parents & Their Infants, Toddlers & Preschoolers • Spanish Speaking Parents & Their Children Birth to 12 Years • Spanish Speaking Parents & Their Children 4 to 12 Years

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Primary Prevention-Education
Secondary Prevention-Intervention
Tertiary Prevention-Treatment
Comprehensive Programs

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  Group Home Number/Length of Sessions
Primary Prevention-Education  > Check Check 5 to 18 Sessions
1 - 2 Hours Each

Programs are designed to empower individuals and families with new knowledge, beliefs, strategies and skills to make good and healthy lifestyle choices. The goal of prevention-education is to empower. Programs at this level are generally short-term approximately 5 to 18 sessions (dosage) in length.
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Secondary Prevention-Intervention  > Check Check 12 to 20 Sessions
1 - 2 Hours Each

Prevention-Intervention Programs are designed for at-risk youth and teen parents, as well as parents and families experiencing mild to moderate levels of individual and family dysfunction. Programs in this range work on stopping the dysfunction and engaging individuals and families in the process of building positive nurturing beliefs, knowledge and skills. Read More >
Tertiary Prevention-Treatment  > Check Check 15 to 25+ Sessions
1 - 3 Hours Each

Prevention-Treatment Programs are designed for families referred for parenting education by Social Services/Mental Health for child abuse and neglect and/or family dysfunction. Tertiary level programs "treat" abusive and neglecting parent-child or parent-teen dysfunctional interactions through a process called "re-parenting." In re-parenting, parents increase their understanding of the abuse and neglect they experienced as children and how these parenting beliefs and patterns were passed on to their children.
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Comprehensive Programs  > Check Check 26 to 55 Sessions
1 - 2 Hours Each

Comprehensive Programs are ideally suited for agencies like Healthy Start, Head Start, Schools, Residential Centers, Home-Visitation Programs and Parent Education Programs designed to offer long term, more comprehensive parenting education. The Nurturing Programs presented below are evidence-based programs that have been validated with agencies providing services over a period of years to families.
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