Strengthening Parent & Child Bonding and Attachment Activities Manual (PBA)Read, Touch, Talk and Play

Increase the feelings of closeness between you and your children and help your child’s brain grow. We call that closeness “bonding and attachment.”

Bonding means the intense feelings of caring and love between a mom and her baby. Mother-child bonding begins upon conception and carries through birth and early childhood.

While bonding happens early in the parent-child relationship, attachment is an extension of the bonded closeness between a mom and her child that la...

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Nurturing Parenting Program for Parents and their School-age Children 5 to 12 Years has been rated by the CEBC.
The following areas were rated by the CEBC: Parent Training Programs and Prevention of Child Abuse and Neglect (Secondary) Programs.

Target Population: Families who have been reported to the child welfare system for child maltreatment including physical and emotional maltreatment in addition to child neglect; may be used as a court-ordered parenting program.

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Developing Nurturing Skills (DNS): School-Based Program
The ability to positively nurture is a part of the nature of all human beings.

Developing Nurturing Skills (DNS) Program overall goal is to cultivate a culture that promotes positive nurturing beliefs, knowledge and behaviors in our classrooms and in our families. 

Working together to create a “norm of nurturing” teachers and parents can make both the classroom and the home two environments that reinforce positive nurturing.  

We are born with the predisposition to care for others by forming strong bonds and positive, secure attachments. Unfor...


The Reporting Module Option saves time and money, improves your program delivery and enhances your funding opportunities. 

Have your reports reflect the accurate presentation of data that will impress your Board Members and Funders. 

For a fee you will have the ability to create your own summary data tables. 

Summary tables are useful in monitoring the success of your programs, reporting information to your funding sources, reviewing the levels of progress parents are making, and providing feedback to your staff for all their hard work

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Ever wonder why some parents go to parent education classes and their children are still at risk?

Sometimes we assume the parent didn't participate fully but it could be they were not referred to the level of class to best meet their needs.

The Virginia State-Wide Parent Education Coalition (VSPEC) is a professional organization.

VSPEC is comprised of members in the public and private sectors who work with families and/or conduct parent education classes, has developed this Parent Education Toolkit to help you determine whether the classes meet the needs of the per...


The outcome finding supports the effectiveness of the 
Nurturing Parenting Program as an effective Home Visitation program.

This is an extensive study conducted by an independent researcher hired by Birth and Beyond in Sacramento.

Over a period of three years, 4,600 Home Visitations were conducted including just short of 10,000 children with extensive longitudinal follow-up analyses.

For the last 13 years, the annual evaluation of the Birth & Beyond Program has featured a follow up study of referrals to Sacramento County Child Protective Service...

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