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5/13/2014 -
The Reporting Module Option saves time and money, improves your program delivery and enhances your funding opportunities. 

Have your reports reflect the accurate presentation of data that will impress your Board Members and Funders. 

For a fee you will have the ability to create your own summary data tables. 

Summary tables are useful in monitoring the success of your programs, reporting information to your funding sources, reviewing the levels of progress parents are making, and providing feedback to your staff for all their hard work

Pics of Advanced Options Selection and Sample Report:
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One Report provides an analysis on:
Analysis of AAPI-2 (Demographics), Analysis of AAPI-2 (Sten Scores), Analysis of NSCS (Demographics), Analysis of NSCS (Sten Scores)

The analysis of the AAPI & NSCS Sten Scores will reflect all Constructs...
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