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2/26/2014 -
The outcome finding supports the effectiveness of the 
Nurturing Parenting Program as an effective Home Visitation program.

This is an extensive study conducted by an independent researcher hired by Birth and Beyond in Sacramento.

Over a period of three years, 4,600 Home Visitations were conducted including just short of 10,000 children with extensive longitudinal follow-up analyses.

For the last 13 years, the annual evaluation of the Birth & Beyond Program has featured a follow up study of referrals to Sacramento County Child Protective Services (CPS) to ascertain the potential risk reduction associated with home visitation services for some of Sacramento County’s most vulnerable children. The ongoing evaluation study compares referrals to CPS prior to and following participation in home visitation.

This report provides CPS outcome findings for families served between July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2013. During that three-year time period, Birth & Beyond served 4,600 home visitation families and 9,752 children. At the close of FY2012/13, 2,357 families had either left the program or were still receiving services. The findings presented herein are based on a cohort of 1,943 families elected for the CPS follow up study during this reporting period.1 The families in this study have a total of 4,354 children.

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