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Designed for families referred for parenting education by Mental Health/Social Services.

Hmong Parents & Adolescents

12 Group-Based Sessions

This program is designed to repair abusive parent-teen relationships. Parents and their teens attend separate groups concurrently, and then join as one group for 90 minutes. Parents and teens role-play, discuss, draw, and learn how to live with each other, learn how to play together, to communicate respectively, and to be a positive, nurturing family.

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Program Description...

    • Each group is facilitated by two professionals
    • Parents and their teenage children (13 to 19 years) attend the program
    • Twelve three-hour sessions that meet one day a week for 12 consecutive weeks
    • The following 90 minutes are spent with parents and teens together in one large group

    Each three-hour session is designed for adults and teens to meet in two separate groups for the first 70 minutes (The 20-minute snack time allows parents and teens to share refreshments)

Program Format...

    • Icebreaker and Check-In
    • Nurturing Self Activities
    • Snack Time
    • Parenting and Communication Skills
    • Visualization
    • Home Practice Assignments
    • Evaluation and Closing

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Hmong Activities Manual for Adolescents (NP10AMA)
Hmong Activities Manual for Parents (NP10AMP)
Hmong Adolescent Handbook (NP10AHB)
Hmong Implementation Manual (NP10IMP)
Hmong Parent Handbook (NP10PHB)
DVDs and CDs
Hmong Parenting DVD (DVD10)
Ask It - Tell It Card Game (ASK)
Nurturing Game (NG)
Certificates for Adolescent's - pkg/20 (CERA)
Certificates for Facilitator's - pkg/20 (CERF)
Certificates for Parent's - pkg/20 (CERP)
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Hmong Parents & Adolescents Program (NP10)