Hmong Parents & Adolescents

Hmong Parents and Adolescents program is designed to repair abusive parent-teen relationships. Parents and their teens attend separate groups concurrently, and then join as one group for 90 minutes. Parents and teens role-play, discuss, draw, and learn how to live with each other, learn how to play together, to communicate respectively, and to be a positive, nurturing family.

Hmong Activities Manual for Parents (NP10AMP)
12 Sessions, Each Session 3 Hours
Hmong Parents & Adolescents

Program Description...

• Each group is facilitated by two professionals
• Parents and their teenage children (13 to 19 years) attend the program
• Twelve three-hour sessions that meet one day a week for 12 consecutive weeks
• The following 90 minutes are spent with parents and teens together in one large group

Each three-hour session is designed for adults and teens to meet in two separate groups for the first 70 minutes (The 20-minute snack time allows parents and teens to share refreshments)

Program Format...

• Icebreaker and Check-In
• Nurturing Self Activities
• Snack Time
• Parenting and Communication Skills
• Visualization
• Home Practice Assignments
• Evaluation and Closing

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