Teen Intervention Programs: Helping Parents Address the Needs of Their Adolescent Children

An instructor speaking with a group of teens sitting in chairs in a circle.

Adolescence is a time of great change and upheaval for young people. They are trying to figure out who they are and where they fit in the world, and they are often faced with difficult choices and challenges. As parents, it can be hard to know how to best support our teens during this time.

One way to help our teens is to enroll them in a teen intervention program. These programs are designed to help teens address specific needs and issues, such as peer pressure, mental health, and academic performance.

An instructor speaking with a group of teens sitting in chairs in a circle.

Peer Pressure

Peer pressure is a major issue for many teens. They may feel pressure to drink alcohol, use drugs, or engage in other risky behaviors. A teen intervention program can help teens learn how to resist peer pressure and make healthy choices.

Mental Health

Adolescence is a time when mental health issues can first emerge. Teen intervention programs can provide teens with the support they need to cope with mental health challenges, such as depression, anxiety, and eating disorders.

Academic Performance

Academic performance can also be a challenge for some teens. A teen intervention program can help teens develop the skills they need to succeed in school.

How Our Teen Intervention Program Works

It’s All About Being a Teen is a treatment program for adolescents with maladaptive behaviors. The program consists of 99 lessons and provides training for mental health specialists, special education teachers, and drug and alcohol abuse counselors.

The lessons involve handouts, exercises, role-play, discussions, and creative expression. The Instructor’s Manual includes lesson handouts on CD and handouts are given to teens during class as students create their own Handbook.

Home practice assignments are designed to reinforce competencies, and the program can be taught in a group or one-to-one setting. It is an invaluable resource for teachers and professionals working with high-risk youth.

Benefits of the “It’s All About Being a Teen” Programs

Our teen intervention program can offer a number of benefits for teens and their families. These benefits include:

  • Helps teens develop healthy and nurturing lifestyles
  • Provides teens with the skills they need to cope with maladaptive, disturbed, and delinquent behaviors
  • Engages teens in interactive and meaningful learning experiences
  • Includes home practice assignments to help teens build and reinforce the skills they are learning
  • Is available in a variety of formats to meet the needs of different learners

If you are concerned about your teen’s behavior or mental health, our teen intervention program is a great resource. Talk to your teen’s doctor or a mental health professional to learn these helpful programs. To learn more about the our program, go to It’s All About Being a Teen.