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Mission Statement
Multicultural Community Services provides competent, bilingual, community-based human services and educational programming that promotes and improves the quality of life. We believe that diversity broadens and enriches our social, cultural, educational and community perspectives and deepens our appreciation for all members of society.


We further believe that all community members have a right to a safe and supportive service delivery environment that is free from discrimination regardless of race, class, sexual orientation, ethnicity, gender or nationality.




Family Support Services
Assessment, parenting education, and case management services for families with young children under the supervision of NJ DYFS, and at risk of out of home placement.


Young & Teen Mother Support Services
Intensive placement prevention and reunification services for pregnant and parenting young mothers.


Comprehensive Case Management & Visitation Services
Multifaceted services for families and children are provided following removal and out of home placement. The goal is to reunify the family as safely and quickly as possible.


Parent Support Services
Assessment, advocacy, linkage and support services are provided to family members to reduce the risk of re­current abuse or neglect.


Multicultural Community Services specializes in services for prevention of out of home placement and family reunification


Youth and Young Adult Services Chafee Youth Support Programs

Aftercare Services
For young adults who have aged out foster care.

Referrals must be made by local NJ DYFS offices


Family & Adolescent Literacy
During 2010, Multicultural Community Services:

Additional Program Information:

All children (ages 0-5) receive a standardized developmental assessment and appropriate linkages to medical and early childhood intervention services.


All parents receive a standardized assessment of parenting skills upon program entrance. A standardized evaluation is administered at the end of the program.


All families receive a standardized, family needs assessment to assist in developing service goals. The system tracks progress and outcomes throughout participation in the program.


Allison Shorey is a LCSW, with 25 years of experience with child welfare programs in New Jersey, and Philadelphia, and is currently the Director of Multicutural Community Services, Inc.

Ms. Shorey began her career by teaching parent education in groups, individually to high-risk parents, at adult continuing education classes and in local schools. In 1996, Ms. Shorey began training staff in the use of the Nurturing Parenting
® Program with urban teen mothers and other high-risk families. In 2001, Ms Shorey expanded the use of the Nurturing Parenting Program to all at-risk families served by the Multicultural Community Services. The agency currently uses a variety of the Nurturing Parenting Programs with more than 100 families per year. 

The programs currently in use include: Prenatal Program, Parents and their Infants and Toddlers, Parents and their School Age Children, Parents and Adolescents, and Crianza con Carino. Allison Shorey trains all Multicultural Community Services' professionals in the philosophy, constructs, skills and strategies of the program. In 2007, Ms. Shorey became a Nationally Recognized Nurturing Parenting
® Program Trainer Consuyltant, and Multicultural Community Services, Inc. became the Family Nurturing Center® of New Jersey.



FNC of New Jersey Brochure
FNC of New Jersey Brochure - Korean

Contact Info:

FNC of New Jersey - Allison Shorey #77

Allison Shorey, LCSW

Edison, New Jersey

(732) 650.0330


May 21 - 23, 2024

Nurturing Parenting® Program Facilitator Training

Trainer(s): FNC of New Jersey - Allison Shorey

Location: Edison, New Jersey

Cost: $ 450.00

Brochure, Registration Form and Info (PDF)