It's All About Being a Teen

It's All About Being a Teen is a dynamic interactive curriculum designed to increase positive self-worth, personal empowerment, self-discipline, empathy, healthy attachments, and resilient-protective behaviors. Developed from the Evidence Based Nurturing Programs, It’s All About Being a Teen is a 99 lesson, competency based curriculum that empowers professionals with the tools to help teens sort out and master the complexities and challenges of adolescence.

Its All About Being a Teen - Instructors Manual for Grades 10 to 12 (NP15ABT)
Sessions Vary, Each Session Approx. 50 - 90 Minutes
Sessions Vary, Each Session Approx. 50 - 90 Minutes
It's All About Being a Teen

Program Description...

It's All About Being a Teen was developed as a treatment program for adolescents who exhibit maladaptive, disturbed, and delinquent behaviors. The 99 lessons provide specialists in mental health, special education with training in emotional disturbance/behavior disorders, and in drug and alcohol abuse/addiction the opportunity to involve troubled teens in meaningful education designed to develop healthy and nurturing lifestyles.

Teens receive handouts during the semester and build their class text. Handouts include current topic information, exercises, fill-in-the-blank questionnaires and self report inventories. Students engage in role-play, psychodrama, discussions, debates, and creative expression.

Home practice assignments are designed to build and reinforce program competencies. Each lesson lists the competencies the teens are to acquire (This helps the teens and the teacher/counselor stay on task and be accountable). End of class short essay questions ensure the information has been learned. If the information has not been learned or the competencies have not been acquired, the content is re-taught until competencies have been met.

The Instructor’s Manual includes lesson handouts on CD and handouts are given to teens during class as students create their own Handbook. Unlimited downloads are included in the price of the Instructor’s Manual. Lessons can be taught in a group/class setting or one-to-one in an office/home setting. Individual lessons can be selected to form education with a prevention or intervention focus.

An invaluable resource for middle-school and high-school teachers, for professionals working with high risk youth in residential and detention centers, and for therapists/counselors working one-to-one with teens.

Lessons Help Teens...

Increase their understanding of anorexia, bulimia, binge eating, body image issues, depression, cutting, suicide and other mental health issues of adolescence

• Understand Nurturing as a way of life
• Increase their understanding of love & dating
• Learn how their teen brain functions
• Learn safety on the Internet and texting
• Increase their self-awareness
• Build positive parent-teen relationships
• Build their positive worth
• Manage their feelings
• Learn what it means to be a family
• Handle peer pressure and bullies
• Learn about their family history
• Build their positive communication skills
• Gain understanding of sex & sexuality
• Gain knowledge of drug and alcohol addiction

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