Prenatal Families

The Prenatal program addresses the current issues faced by couples expecting a child including the use of prescription drugs, alcohol and tobacco during pregnancy; the relationship between healthy pregnancies and proper nutrition; the effects of stress on the baby; ways to keep a healthy sexual relationship; and issues of body image, weight gain, dieting and brain development during pregnancy.

Implementation Manual (NPIMP)
Nurturing Book for Babies and Children (NBBC)
Prenatal Families - Facilitators Activities Manual for Teaching Parents - Group (PREAMPG)
Prenatal Families - Home Visitors Instructional Manual for Teaching Parents (PREHVIM)
Prenatal Families - Parent Handbook (PREPHB)
9 Sessions

Each Session
2 1/2 Hours
18 Sessions

Each Session
2 Hours
Prenatal Families

Program Description...

The Prenatal Program® is a nine/eighteen session group/home-based program.

Pregnant moms and their partners or other adult family members attend 9 Group or 18 Home-Based sessions. The sessions focus on improving the quality of life for the mom, her partner and the relationship. Parents learn about the dangers of smoking, drinking and use of legal and illegal drug use while pregnant. Parents also learn about proper nutrition, fetal growth and development and healthy brain development.

• Parents receive an illustrated Handbook 
• DVDs, role play & discussions facilitate learning
• The Activities Manual for Parents allows the facilitators to implement the program
• Each session runs 2 1/2 (Group) & 2 (Home) hours with 30 minutes of food & relaxation

Parents Increase Their Skills & Knowledge...

• Handling stress & anger
• Handling weight gain & body issues 
• Preventing drug-related birth defects
• Nurturing themselves & their partners
• Keeping their bodies & babies healthy
• Encouraging healthy brain development
• Understanding fetal growth & development
• Maintaining a healthy sexual partner relationship
• Understanding the importance of nurturing touch & infant massage

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