Bonnie Bailey #215

Bonnie Bailey is a Registered Social Worker in the province of Alberta, Canada. She has worked with low income families struggling with complex life circumstances at Calgary Urban Project Society (CUPS) since November 1994. In May 2005, Bonnie earned her Master degree in Social Work at the University of Calgary.

Starting in the early '80s, Bonnie was trained in and facilitated a variety of parenting programs. After being introduced to the Nurturing Parenting® Programs in 2011 and recognizing the program’s tremendous potential for empowering families with nurturing knowledge and skills, she chose to make it the primary focus of her practice at CUPS and in the community. In October 2013, Bonnie became a Nationally Recognized Nurturing Parenting Program Trainer/Consultant.

In her personal life, she has raised two children with her husband of 45 years and is now delighting in the magic of being a grandmother to three.

Contact Info:

Bonnie Bailey #215

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

(403) 399.3416


August 22 - 24, 2023

Nurturing Parenting® Program Facilitator Training

Trainer(s): Holly Golanowski, RSW, Bonnie Bailey

Location: ONLINE Virtual Training

Cost: $ 350.00 CAD

Brochure, Registration Form and Info (PDF)