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A Fourteen-Step Quick Implementation Guide (PIM#3)  

A Fourteen-Step Quick Implementation Guide (PIM#3)

Item code: PIM#3

Welcome to the world of Nurturing Parenting. Our vision is to cultivate a culture of nurturing through the implementation of community-based, family focused education in the philosophy and practices of nurturing.

Education in nurturing is a proven philosophy and program that can be taught and practiced in our families, in our schools, in our businesses, in our places of worship and in all the branches and levels of governments worldwide.

Topics Covered:

  • A Fourteen-Step Quick Implementation Guide
  • Seven Things to Know about the Nurturing Parenting Programs
  • Fourteen Steps in Implementing the Nurturing Parenting Programs

Professional Instructional Manual #3 Samples:
- Table of Contents (PDF)
- Sample Session (PDF)

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