Community Based Education - Teen Pregnancy Prevention CD (CBETPP-CD)
Community Based Education - Teen Pregnancy Prevention CD (CBETPP-CD)
Community Based Education - Teen Pregnancy Prevention CD (CBETPP-CD)
Item Code: CBETPP-CD
All items listed below are included in the Community Based Education - Teen Pregnancy Prevention CD (CBETPP-CD) Program

The objectives of this program are to reduce teen pregnancy by:

Providing knowledge
This is not a fear based program. Isn't reality bad enough? The goal of this program is to educate teens about the consequences of high risk behavior and give them the tools necessary to make better choices.

Enhancing decision making skills
Based on Cognitive Behavioral techniques, the series encourages the use of evidence finding to validate beliefs, instead of relying on faulty thoughts and charged emotions. 

Changing attitudes and beliefs about self-worth
Teens that are ambivalent are more likely to experience negative consequences of bad decision making. These lessons are geared to improve self-worth because teens that value their bodies and future, in an effort to "protect" themselves make better choices.

Lessons include:

1. Developing Your Sense of Worth 
2. What About Boundaries? 
3. Saying What You Feel 
4. Dating and You 
5. When Dating Goes Bad 
6. Your Sexual Health 
7. Talking About Sex 
8. Oh Baby! The Consequences of Teen Pregnancy



CD includes:

Eight independent lessons each 60 to 90 minutes long.

Lesson Plans include goals, objectives, discussion topics, interactive activities, worksheets, and handouts for parents. Lessons are presented in Power Point and Overhead Transparencies to meet your style of training. Customize your trainings by entering your agency’s name, work-shop location and dates on flyers, postcards and training signs that accompany each lesson. Parents receive name badges, lesson handouts and customized certificates of participation. Included on the CD is the ability to create color slides designed for overhead and/or Power Point presentations to meet your style of training.

Customizing options: Flyers, postcards, name tags, “This Way” sign and a choice of five certificates of completion.

No need for hours of preparation. Each lesson comes with all the materials you need to conduct your workshop. Home practice assignments allow parents the chance to use and share the knowledge gained in class at home with their family and friends. 

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Community Based Education - Teen Pregnancy Prevention



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