Alternatives to Spanking DVD Series (SPKDVD)
Alternatives to Spanking DVD Series (SPKDVD)
Alternatives to Spanking DVD Series (SPKDVD)
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Alternatives to Spanking
Instructional DVDs

These five interactive DVDs, featuring multi-cultural families teach parents alternatives to hitting children and what they can do instead to get the cooperation and behaviors they desire. The DVDs are designed for the Nurturing Parenting Programs® but can be used with any parenting program that promotes nonviolent parenting practices. These DVDs are meant to encourage families and communities to develop nurturing attitudes and parenting practices by providing positive, non-violent discipline for parents to use with their children.

1. Red, White and Bruises (15 minutes)
Red, White and Bruises presents seven common reasons why parents use spanking as a form of punishment. Alternative techniques are offered.

2. I’m Only Doing This For Your Own Good (40 minutes)
Teaches nurturing parenting techniques for challenging times with infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. Situations include: coping with a crying baby, an exploring toddler, a child running into the street, how to handle a child who whines, and positive ways to shop with a preschooler. 

3. This Hurts Me More Than It Hurts You (45 minutes)
Teaches parents alternatives to spanking and slapping their school-age children. Situations include: dealing with sibling rivalry, helping parents manage their stress and anger, and strategies for responding to children who talk back and show disrespect. 

4. My Way or the Highway (16 minutes)
Teaches parents and teenagers alternatives to hitting, yelling and name-calling. Situations include: handling issues of power and authority, setting limits regarding friends and curfew, and helping teens handle peer pressure and drugs. 

5. Spare the Rod, Spoil the Child (15 minutes)
Teaches parenting techniques and attitudes that work more effectively than corporal punishment in promoting healthy, desirable behaviors in children. Presents the word “rod” in the Proverbs of the Bible as the practice of guidance – not spanking.

Edited 2014 to follow the guidelines issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics. Edits include a new look to the introduction, transition scenes, background music and sounds.

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