Dr. Bavolek's Seminars

Attend Dr. Bavolek's Facilitator Training Seminars

Host a 3-Day Seminar with Dr. Bavolek

Who can benefit from attending a training seminar? ​Professionals and para-professionals working in education, childcare, mental health, violence prevention, child welfare, school systems, treatment facilities, social work/services.

In three days, participants will learn:

- Philosophy of Nurturing Parenting;
- Five parenting constructs of abuse/neglect;
- Impact of maltreatment on brain development;
- How to assess high risk parenting beliefs;
- Tailor make programs based on family’s needs;
- Gather process evaluation data;
- Evaluate pre-post program impact;
- Implement home, group program models

Attend a 3-Day Facilitator training seminar instructed by Dr. Bavolek and learn the philosophy of Nurturing Parenting and how to implement and facilitate the Nurturing Parenting Programs.

Facilitator Training Seminars fill quickly so register early! If you need additional assistance regarding a seminar instructed by Dr. Bavolek contact the Family Nurturing Center:

FNC@NurturingParenting.com  -  Phone: 262.652.6501