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6/8/2016 -

Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Families Supplemental - Lesson Guide for Teaching Adults (LGBT-LGA)Blend Nurturing Parenting with the uniqueness of LGBT Families

Six Sessions that Empower Parents and Professionals.

Major Goals for Teaching and Understanding the Parenting Traditions of LGBT Families are to help LGBT parents connect with each other and reconnect with themselves and their children for a meaningful progression to equity, dignity, and respect in a society that often strays from its commitment to establish equality for all people.

To help professionals advance the development of LGBT parenting skills by integrating contemporary concepts of parenting with successful approaches to working with LGBT parents and their children. To present a definitive and different parenting program developed within and reflective of the LGBT culture and strategies to develop a variety of responses to those outside the LGBT family.

To examine any negative messages and images of self and families and encourage positive messages and images. To help participants (parents, co-parents, relatives, professionals, paraprofessionals, those involved with families, and others) become their authentic selves and, therefore, help children become their authentic selves... Learn More