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Family Nurturing Center of Florida

Mission Statement
The house with a heart for families apart. Family Nurturing Center of Florida has created a warm, compassionate environment where children can safely meet their parents for supervised visitations and exchanges. We're also here to help adults learn to be better parents with comprehensive support and educational programs offered throughout the area.

About Us
Families separated by foster care, relative placements, emergency shelters or involvement in family law courts have very special needs. We meet those needs with a range of programs, all designed to help nurture the family ties that are so important to the health and well-being of every family member.

Visitation & Exchange

Family Law
The Family Nurturing Center (FNC) advocates for the rights of children to maintain contact with their parents and significant people in their lives, and strives to provide a comfortable setting for such contact. The children's well""""being and emotional and physical safety remains the organization's primary concern. This program allows children to visit their parents in an environment free from the concerns of the domestic violence, divorce or custody dispute that may have caused their separation.

Under the supervision of Family Nurturing Center staff, children and parents can have a safe, comfortable visit that excludes discussion of legal issues or the other parent, and there is no contact between the parents. Family Law program fees are based on a sliding scale and all participants must be court-ordered or voluntarily consent to services.""

The Dependency program serves families whose children have been removed from the home by the Department of Children and Families for allegations or suspicions of neglect and/or abuse of their children. The Family Nurturing Center provides a safe, home-like environment for non-custodial parents to visit their children under supervision. In this way, parents are able to maintain contact with their children while they address the issues that led to DCF intervention in their lives.

FNC works directly with case workers assigned to each family, providing detailed information about the visits. Our primary goal is to insure the physical safety and emotional well-being of children involved in these difficult and stressful situations. Very few of the cases at FNC, however, involve the severe physical abuse of children as frequently profiled on local television. The vast majority of children are happy to see their parents at FNC and many will eventually be reunited after their parents successfully address the issues in their case plan.""

Parent Education 

Parenting Under Pressure
Classes are held at our main office located at 2759 Bartley Cr. (32207). The Parenting Under Pressure program is an open door series allowing parents short on time to focus on topics most important to them. Each class is just $5.00, and you can attend only the dates that interest you!

The knowledge that allows us to become great parents doesn't always come naturally. To help parents gain the skills necessary to support the growth and well-being of their children and themselves, provide appropriate discipline and effectively communicate, the Family Nurturing Center offers a variety of supportive educational programs. We can tailor a program to the needs of your group.

Training & Consultation
Through training programs and workshops, we share our knowledge and resources with people in the community who have an impact on the lives of children and families. Daycare employees, pre-school teachers, social services professionals and others can benefit from a deeper understanding of child development, appropriate discipline and the dynamics of child/adult interactions and relationships.

The Family Nurturing Center adheres to the principles of The Nurturing Parenting Programs and offers workshops that teach others to facilitate the program.

The Nurturing Parenting Programs® are family-based programs with a proven track record of preventing the recurrence of child abuse and neglect. Departments of Social Services, as well as other branches and organizations in the helping professions, have relied upon these Programs as a primary parenting program to break the generational cycle of child maltreatment and family dysfunction. Today, there are 15 Nurturing Parenting Programs®, each addressing the specific needs of different populations.