Young Parents and Their Families - 16 Group Sessions - Easy Reader Parent Handbook (ERYP)
Young Parents and Their Families - 16 Group Sessions - Easy Reader Parent Handbook (ERYP)
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Product Description

Young Parents Easy Reader was developed to make nurturing parenting easy to understand and practice. The practices presented in the Easy Reader have been proven over the years to work in raising healthy and caring kids. However, just like all practices that are meaningful, there are no quick fixes or short cuts, and no “technique” can substitute for a close and meaningful parent-child relationship. 

The lessons in the Easy Reader address several major concepts: 

1. Nurturing as a Philosophy
Presented are the basic foundations of nurturing as a philosophy of parenting, as well as a philosophy of life. 

2. Childhood Growth and Development
A nurturing parent understands the importance of having appropriate developmental expectations of their children. Children need to experience success to improve their self-worth. 

3. Discipline with Dignity
Dignity means to treat another person honorably. Teaching and guiding children to be cooperative and contributing members of a family requires parents to behave dignified. 

4. Empathy
The ability to be aware of, understand and respond appropriately to your children is the key in being a nurturing parent. 

5. Managing Feelings
Recognizing and managing feelings is a basic quality of nurturing parenting. 

6. Communication
Often identified as the major problem between parents and children, we address positive communication skills. 

7. Self-Worth and Empowerment
A positive self-worth is the foundation for treating others with respect and value. Teaching children to use their Personal Power in positive ways contributes to their overall positive Self-Worth as well as a positive and healthy Sexual Self-Worth. 

8. Making Good Choices and Keeping Kids Safe
Smoking, drugs and alcohol use, sex, peer pressure are all issues that confront families daily. 

9. Nurturing Routines
Children excel when their environment is predictable and nurturing.

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