Community Based Education - Alcohol, Anger & Abuse

Alcohol, Anger and Abuse is an innovative community based training program that explores understanding and preventing the relationship between alcohol and other drug abuse and child abuse and neglect, and how they are linked.

Community Based Education - Alcohol & Kids Don't Mix & Alcohol, Anger & Abuse - Parts 1 & 2 (AAA)
5 Sessions, Each Session 2 Hours
Community Based Education - Alcohol, Anger & Abuse

Program Description...

Alcohol, Anger & Abuse is an innovative program for professionals and parents, this two-part series covers understanding, intervening and teaching nurturing skills to prevent the perpetuation of child abuse and neglect caused by alcohol and substance abuse.Alcohol and drug abuse are major contributors to child abuse and neglect. Because of this, persons treating substance abuse and addiction need the ability to recognize child abuse and neglect. Likewise, professionals in child abuse need to understand and recognize substance abuse.

This program covers the problems of child abuse and neglect caused by substance abuse and discusses appropriate interventions and treatments. It helps identify families with common patterns of alcohol and drug-related child abuse and family violence.

Ideal for use in...

Ideal for in-service, pre-service, and self-instructional training, is a great resource for professionals in social work, substance and child abuse treatment and prevention, mental and public health, education, and medicine.

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