Community Based Education - Alcohol & Kids Don't Mix

Alcohol and Kids Don’t Mix is an innovative community based training program designed to increase the awareness of parents and professionals about the effects of alcohol and substance abuse on parenting and the quality of family life.

Alcohol & Kids Don't Mix Parent Training Activities Manual (AAAMP)
Community Based Education - Alcohol & Kids Don't Mix & Alcohol, Anger & Abuse - Parts 1 & 2 (AAA)
5 Sessions, Each Session 2 Hours
Community Based Education - Alcohol & Kids Don't Mix

Program Description...

Alcohol & Kids Don't Mix program contains five individual lessons that are designed to run approximately 90 minutes, although the length of time dedicated to each lesson can vary according to the audience and presenter. Classes can be offered weekly and participants choose the sessions they want to attend.

The Lesson Guide provides the presenter with specific educational goals, objectives, session activities and handouts for participants. Interactive activities along with the five programs on DVD enhance participant awareness and knowledge. There is a separate DVD program for each session that provides real life scenes portrayed by actors depicting different stories where alcohol and other drugs plays a significant role in the event. 

Participants form small groups and share what they observed on the DVD and brainstorm what they feel are proper ways to handle the situation. Resource materials for participants are presented in the Lesson Guide as handouts that can be copied and distributed at each session.

Ideal for use in...

Ideal for PTA meetings, use in AAA support groups, as professional in-service training, or pre-service high school and college classes.

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