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Training Resources for the Nurturing Programs®
Host a 3-Day Seminar with Stephen J. Bavolek, Ph.D.
Download: 16th Edition Facilitator Training Workbook

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Dr. Bavolek and Trainers/Consultants are available to provide on-site agency trainings, contact:

Register to attend trainings and learn to implement the Nurturing Parenting Programs®, Adult-Adolescent Parenting Inventory and the Nurturing Skills Competency Scale.

Over 3-days learn to run a facilitator workshop that allows you to teach others to implement the group and home-based Nurturing Parenting Programs®.


The purpose of the Nurturing Training Online Video is to be a resource to you and your staff in learning how to utilize the assessments and programs. Craven County, NC, Feb. 7 - 9, 2012.


Teaching adults and children to use gentle touch through massage techniques has clinically shown to increase parent-child bonding.


These workshops are based on the validated Nurturing Parenting Programs®.

Contains 16th Edition Facilitator Training Workbook, Downloads, Links, and Information.