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Parenting the nurturing way Parenting the nurturing way Parenting the nurturing way Parenting the nurturing way Parenting the nurturing way Parenting the nurturing way Parenting the nurturing way
Designed to empower individuals and families with new knowledge and skills.
5 to 12 sessions
Designed for at-risk youth, teen parents and families experiencing moderate levels of dysfunction.
12 to 20 sessions
Designed for families referred for parenting education by Mental Health/Social Services.
15 to 25 sessions
Designed for agencies to offer long-term, more comprehensive parenting education.
26 to 55 sessions

  Dr. Stephen J. Bavolek

Dr. Stephen J. Bavolek Stephen J. Bavolek, Ph.D., is a recognized leader in the fields of child abuse and neglect, treatment and prevention, and parenting education. Dr. Bavolek has received numerous International and National awards... Learn More  
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Nurturing Parenting Programs have over 30 years of effectiveness.

Numerous Research Findings, Studies and Articles have shown that... Learn More  

NREPP   Six Protective Pactors
Spotlight: We Thought You Should Know

7 Facts You Should Know and Share on the Nurturing Programs!

1. Thirty Nurturing Programs: Select the Right Program for your Families

Family Development is committed to meeting the unique needs of families. To this end, approximately 30 programs or program models are available that are designed to meet the family’s educational learning styles and abilities; the family’...

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What Makes Nurturing Parenting Programs Unique?

What is very unique about the Nurturing Programs is the foundation of the teachings is based on the known practices of child maltreatment:

Inappropriate Expectations, Parental lack of Empathy, Strong Belief in the use of Corporal Punishment, Reversing Parent-Child Roles; and Oppressing Children's Power and Independenc...

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Nurturing Parenting Programs by Prevention Level

The Nurturing Parenting Programs are designed for the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect.

To meet the specific needs of families, programs have been identified according to the standard levels of prevention: Primary, Secondary (intervention) and Tertiary (treatment).

Primary Prevention-Educati...

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Implementing Nurturing Parenting Programs (Birth to Age 5)

Parents & Their Infants, Toddlers, & Preschoolers Program (NP2)The Nurturing Parenting Programs are trauma informed, family-based programs designed for the prevention and treatment of child abuse and neglect.

As a family, parents and their children learn positive and caring nurturing skills.

The Nurturing Parenting Programs are family-based prevention and intervention programs d...

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Arkansas to kick off Nurturing Parenting Program

Training aimed at preventing abuse, reducing number of children coming into foster care

In an effort to prevent more children from coming into the state foster care system, the Arkansas Department of Human Services Division of Children and Family Services (DCFS) is launching a program in March that teaches the fundamentals...

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