Certificates To Order, Use Code CERA (Adolescent’s Certificates) CERC (Children’s Certificates) CERF (Facilitator's Certificates) CERP (Parent's Certificates) CE CERV (Volunteer's Certificates) Available in English, Spanish & Hmong (Only CERA, CERF, CERP). (pkg/20). - $5.00 Family Development Resources, Inc. * NurturingParenting.com * 1.800.688.5822 *Available in Spanish **Available in Spanish & Other Languages Resource Materials Instructional Aids Certificates Feeling Faces Photographs (11” x 14”) of babies and children with varying expressions of feelings. (Pkg/15) To Order, Use Code FF - $25.00 Use Code FF - $25.00 Our Bodies Pictures of male and female children of various races used to children of various races used to discuss body part recognition and ways to say “NO” to unwanted touch. Our Bodies pictures portray Black, White, Hispanic and Asian young male and female children. To Order: Young Children OB2 - $15.00 B5, S OB2 - $15.00 B5, SA Pre-teens (8 – 12 Years) OB1 - $15.00 SA Scary Touch Dolls Black, White, Asian and Hispanic male and female cardboard dolls with moveable arms. The Scary Touch Dolls are used for discussion of scary (inappropriate) sexual touch. (Pkg/6). To Order, Use Code SD - $10.00 Nurturing Coloring Book The Nurturing Coloring Book helps children learn about gentle touch, sharing, expressing feelings, and caring for others. English and Spanish. (Pkg/15). To Order, use Code CB - $25.00 B5, SA, YP B5, SA B5, SA, YP PR, B5, SA, AD, YP 76