Family Development Resources, Inc. * NurturingParenting.com * 1.800.688.5822 *Available in Spanish **Available in Spanish & Other Languages Resource Materials Easy Reader Parent Handbook Available in English / Spanish / Arabic / Kreyol / Chinese / Somali The Easy Reader Parent Handbook was developed to make Nurturing Parenting easy for parents and practitioners to understand and practice. There are 50 chapters which present the concepts and techniques of Nurturing Parenting in a step-by-step format utilizing drawings of parents and children. The drawings serve as a visual stimulus to help parents remember how to use the skill. Minimal words are used when possible. Philosophy of the Program The Easy Reader is ideal for parents with an elementary school reading level, parents with literacy limitations, and for parents reading level, parents with literacy limitations, and for parents studying English as a second language. The Easy Reader is also very useful as a resource for parents who have completed their Nurturing Parenting Program and want a quick reference guide to program skills and strategies. The Easy Reader can also double as an instructional guide by reviewing and role-playing the skills and strategies in the Handbook. Handbook. The step-by-step format of the lessons makes it simple to use in teaching parents how to use new skills. The 37 chapters of the Easy Reader primarily focus on parenting skills and strategies for preschool and school-age children. The Easy Reader is not meant to serve as a resource for parenting teens. The chapters in the Easy Reader address nine major parenting areas: 1. Nurturing as a Philosophy. 2. 2. Childhood Growth and Development. 3. Discipline with Dignity. 4. Empathy. 5. Managing Feelings. 6. Communication. 7. Self-Worth and Empowerment. 8. Making Good Choices and Keeping Kids Safe. 9. 9. Nurturing Routines. To Order Use Code, NPER - $15.00 Available in English, Spanish, Arabic, Kreyol, Chinese B5, SA, YP Available in Somali SOMALI-CD (Somali - 5 Audio CDs) - $30.00 B5, SA, YP Prevention Level: Age of Child: 73