Meeting The Needs of Spanish Speaking Families Program Specific Materials Designed For Group - Agencies where parents attend over a period of years. Home - Long-term support to families raising children infancy to preschool. Family Development Resources, Inc. * NurturingParenting.com * 1.800.688.5822 • Twenty-seven 2½ hour sessions meet one day a week for 27 weeks. • Parents and children meet concurrently in two separate groups. • Two facilitators run the parents’ group; two facilitators plus two volunteers run the children’s group. • Parents and children engage in a 30-minute Nurturing Time with games, songs, snacks and more. • Fifty-five 1½ hour sessions meet one day a week for 55 consecutive weeks. • Parents and the Home Visitor work together for the first hour teaching nurturing parenting ideas and techniques. • Parents, children and the Home Visitor work together for 30 minutes having fun and practicing skills. Program Description – Group Based Program Description – Home Based *Available in Spanish **Available in Spanish & Other Languages Spanish Speaking Parents & Their Children Birth to 12 Years Comprehensive Programs 27 Group / 55 Home-Based Sessions Each session runs 2 1/2 (Group) & 1 1/2 (Home) hours Activities Manuals for Parents contains Program activities manual for conducting the home & group-based program (Includes Forms CD). To Order Use Code, NP2GIM-CD (Group Manual, CD includes: Family Nurturing Plan Group & Individual Assessment, Family Nurturing Journal, & Evaluation Form) - $30.00 OR NP12HVIM-CD (Spanish Home Manual, CD Includes: Family Nurturing Plan & Journal) - $50.00 DVDs for Parents of Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers is a 20-part DVD series covering appropriate expectations, empathy, discipline, rewards/ punishments, time-out, verbal/ physical redirection, and more. T To Order Use Code, NP7DVD (Spanish) - $385.00 Facilitator's Instructional Manual for teaching children. To Order Use Code, NP2CIM - $25.00 Spanish Parent Handbook is a handbook for parents describing numerous nurturing parenting techniques and weekly Home Practice Assignments. To Order Use Code, NP12PHB - $15.00 - Comprehensive B5 - Birth to 5 / SA - School Age 60