Stephen J. Bavolek, Ph.D. and Juliana Dellinger, M.S.E. Program Description - Group-Based • Twenty-six 2 ½ hour sessions that meet one day a week for 26 consecutive weeks. • Parents and children attend separate groups that meet concurrently then enjoy 30 minutes of Family Nurturing Time together. • • The first 70 minutes address parenting skills and the remaining 50 minutes teach self-nurturing. Program Description - Home-Based • Fifty 1½ hour sessions that meet one day a week for 50 consecutive weeks. • Parents meet with Home Visitor for the first hour to learn a new concept regarding self and parenting. • • Parents and children are engaged in Family Nurturing Time for the remaining 30 minutes. Program Specific Materials Designed For Teen parents; Curriculum addresses issues of being a teen, a teen parent, and a member of a family. Family Development Resources, Inc. * NurturingParenting.com * 1.800.688.5822 *Available in Spanish **Available in Spanish & Other Languages Teen Parents & Their Children Comprehensive Programs 26 Group / 50 Home-Based Sessions Each session runs 2 1/2 (Group) & 1 1/2 (Home) hours Activities Manuals for Facilitators Group or Home-Based Contains activities for conducting the program during home or group visits. Each professional needs a copy. To Order Use Code, NP4AMTG (Group) - $25.00 or NP4AMTH (Home) - $45.00 Parent Handbook is an informational guide for parents describing nurturing parenting techniques and weekly Home Practice Assignments. Each parent needs their own handbook. To Order Use code, NP4PHB - $15.00 Nurturing Parenting DVDs for Teen Parents covers the following topics: Appropriate Expectations; Growth and Development; Developing Empathy; Personal Power; Setting Boundaries and Limits; Helping Children Develop Morals & Values; Family Rules; Rewards & Punishments; Time-Out; Verbal & Physical Redirection; Diapering & Dressing, Feeding Bath and Bed Time Nurturing Routines; Drinking and Parenting Don’t Mix; Everyone’s Not Doing It; Saying No & Walking Cool. To Order Use Code, NP4DVD - $425.00 - Comprehensive YP - Teen/Young Parents 56