Secondary Prevention - Intervention Group / Home-Based, Each session runs aprox. 50 - 90 minutes Number of Sessions Vary Nurturing Skills for Teen Parents Stephen J. Bavolek, Ph.D. Program Description 59 lessons taken from the internationally recognized and validated NURTURING PARENTING PROGRAMS® are assembled in one Lesson Guide. Professionals teach parents of young children (birth – 5 years) and school-aged children (5 to 12 years) ways to improve their parenting skills. The 59 individual Lessons are presented in 16 different Skill Areas known to represent the range of appropriate parenting and child rearing practices. Each Lesson presents easy to follo Each Lesson presents easy to follow, step-by-step instructions to teach the skills to the parents appropriate for the age level of their children. Skill Areas and Lessons can be taught in any sequence you choose based on the needs of the family. Ideal for use in: • Short-term Intensive Home Visitation Programs • Long-term home-based programs like Healthy Families, Healthy Start, Head Start, & Even Start Family Development Resources, Inc. * NurturingParenting.com * 1.800.688.5822 *Available in Spanish **Available in Spanish & Other Languages TM Lesson Guide for Professionals Step-by-step instructions for conducting each Lesson. To Order Use Code, NSTLGP - $25.00 Program Specific Materials Parent Handbook Up-to-date information in an easy to read format for parents and parent educators. This is also an IDEAL book for any parent to use on their own to help build a healthy, happy family. Ideal for Teen Parents with Children Birth to 5 Years, To Order Use Code, NSTPHB - $15.00 DVDs for Teen Parents (23-Part Series) Topics: Philosophy of Nurturing Parenting; Appropriate Expectations of Children; Growth and Development of Infants, Toddlers & Preschoolers; Developing Empathy; Personal Power; Setting Boundaries and Limits; Helping Children Develop Morals & Values; Family Rules; Rewards & Punishments; Time-Out; Verbal & Physical Redirection; Establishing Nurturing Parenting Routines for Diapering & Dressing, Feeding Time, Bath Time and Bed Time; Drinking and Parenting Don’t Mix; Everyone’s Not Doing It; Saying No & Walking Cool. T To Order Use Code, NP4DVD - $425.00 - Secondary Prevention YP - Teen/Young Parents 30