Family Development Resources, Inc. * NurturingParenting.com * 1.800.688.5822 *Available in Spanish **Available in Spanish & Other Languages - Includes CD Containing Printable Student Certificates. Developing Nurturing Skills (DNS): School-Based Program Primary Prevention - Education Group / Home-Based, Number of Sessions and Session Length Vary Developing Nurturing Values and Skills in Children Kindergarten to 3rd Grade and Grades 4 to 6 The purpose of implementing the K-3 and 4-6 DNS curriculum is to begin the process of empowering young children to develop healthy, nurturing life-style patterns of behavior. The lessons are generally taught during Circle Time which is teacher led discussion time. The Instructional Manual for Teachers has game activities, discussion activities and art activities. Choose a nice blend of activities and make the time fun. Maybe start the Discussion Circle Time with a "hello time" song, or a game. Perhaps you begin with a discussion and close with a game or song. The Teacher’s Instructional Manuals include a CD containing printable student certificates. 2. Teacher Nurturing Training (TNT). The TNT training offered to educators has been described as “a dynamite way for educators to teach and a powerful way for students to learn.” This comprehensive workshop is designed for educators to incorporate nurturing skills into their teaching style. The key qualities in Teacher Nurturing is an empathic approach in implementing classroom discipline designed to enhance positive self-worth, caring and compassion, and a positive sense of empowerment. The skills in the TNT compliment the nurturing lessons taught to children and their parents. 3. 3. The ABC’s of Nurturing: Teaching Nurturing Skills to Parents and their Children. The ABC’s of Nurturing is a seven session parenting program offered in cooperation with the schools. The purpose of the family based program is to reinforce the concepts and skills the children are learning in the classroom. This comprehensive approach allows teachers and parents to work in a cooperative and consistent manner promoting the positive nurturing characteristics and qualities of their children. For more info, on The ABC’s of Nurturing reference the Table of Contents located at the beginning of this catalog To Order Use Code, DNSIMK3-CD (Grades K - 3) - $60.00 DNSIM46-CD (Grades 4 - 6) - $60.00 Amy C. Schlieve, Ed.D. and Stephen J. Bavolek, Ph.D. TM - Primary Prevention SA - School Age / AD - Adolescents 22